Noncommutative rings

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Introductory Lectures on Rings and Modules

A first-year graduate text or reference for advanced undergraduates on noncommutative aspects of...

An Introduction to Noncommutative Noetherian Rings

This 2004 introduction to noncommutative noetherian rings is intended to be accessible to anyone...

Localization in Noetherian Rings

This monograph first published in 1986 is a reasonably self-contained account of a large part of the...

Graded Ring Theory

This book is aimed to be a ‘technical’ book on graded rings. By ‘technical’ we mean that the book...

Noncommutative Algebra and Geometry
CRC Press (2005)

A valuable addition to the Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics series, this reference...

A First Course in Noncommutative Rings

This book, an outgrowth of the author¿s lectures at the University of California at Berkeley, is...