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Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs

A unified and comprehensive exposition of the theory of symmetric designs with emphasis on recent...

The Construction of Optimal Stated Choice Experiments: Theory and Methods
Wiley (2007)

The most comprehensive and applied discussion of stated choice experiment constructions available ...

Design Theory

This textbook, first published in 1985, is intended to be an accessible introduction to Design...

Symmetric Designs: An Algebraic Approach

Symmetric Designs

An Algebraic Approach


Symmetric designs are an important class of combinatorial structures which arose first in the...

Design Theory
CRC Press (2017)

Design Theory, Second Edition presents some of the most important techniques used for constructing...

Algorithmic Aspects of Graph Connectivity

The first really thorough book to discuss this central notion in graph and network theory,...

Design Theory: Volume 1

This is the first volume of the second edition of the standard text on design theory.

Designs, Graphs, Codes and their Links

This book demonstrates the connection between, and the applications of, design theory to graphs and...

Graph Edge Coloring: Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture

Graph Edge Coloring

Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture

Wiley (2012)

Features recent advances and new applications in graph edge coloring Reviewing recent advances in...

Algorithms in Combinatorial Design Theory

The scope of the volume includes all algorithmic and computational aspects of research on...