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Modern Architectural Theory

A Historical Survey, 1673–1968


Modern Architectural Theory is the first book to provide a comprehensive survey of architectural...

The Architect

Chapters in the History of the Profession


How did architects get to be architects in any given period in history? How were they trained? How...


The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peter's


In this dramatic journey through religious and artistic history, R. A. Scotti traces the defining...

Up from Zero

Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York

In Up from Zero, Paul Goldberger, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, tells the inside story of the...

The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame

Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity


Most of the seven million people who visit the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris each year probably...

Universe of Stone

Chartres Cathedral and the Invention of the Gothic

HarperCollins (2009)

Chartres Cathedral, south of Paris, is revered as one of the most beautiful and profound works of...

ABC-CLIO (2008)

Covering all regions of Italy—from Turin's Palace of Labor in northern Italy to the Monreale...


Kenneth Bendiner journeys from the Renaissance to the present day—through the works of artists from...


The A to Z of Architecture provides information on architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Tadao Ando,...


A cast of leading writers and practitioners tackle the ethical questions that architects are...