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Surface Polaritons

Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences, Volume I: Surface Polaritons: Electromagnetic Waves at...

Advances in Polaron Physics

This book reviews recent developments in the field of polarons, starting with the basics and...

Perspectives Of Polarons

The book presents the development of the polaron theory and its applications in various fields of...

Aspects of Polaron Theory: Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Problems

Aspects of Polaron Theory

Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Problems

The linear polaron model is an excellent example of an exactly soluble, yet nontrivial polaron...

Polarons in Advanced Materials

Polarons in Advanced Materials will lead the reader from single-polaron problems to multi-polaron...

Surface Waves in Geomechanics: Direct and Inverse Modelling for Soils and Rocks

Theories of surface waves develop since the end of XIX century and many fundamental problems like...