Quantum chaos

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This book provides a coherent introduction to the manifestations of chaos in atoms and molecules.

Chaos, Dynamics, and Fractals

An Algorithmic Approach to Deterministic Chaos


The author presents deterministic chaos from the standpoint of theoretical computer arithmetic,...

Quantum Dynamics and Information

Proceedings of the 46th Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics

The central theme of this lecture collection is quantum dynamics, regarded mostly as the dynamics of...

Chaos in Nonlinear Oscillators

Controlling and Synchronization

This book deals with the bifurcation and chaotic aspects of damped and driven nonlinear oscillators....

This book is made up of two essays on the role of time in probability and quantum physics. In the...

Exterior Billiards

Systems with Impacts Outside Bounded Domains


Surveying the nature of dynamical systems, in which a point particle alternates between free motion...