Spin glasses

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Random Fields and Spin Glasses: A Field Theory Approach

Theory of magnetic systems for graduate students and researchers in statistical physics and basic...

Spin Glasses

A comprehensive account of the theory, experimental work and computer modelling of spin glasses.

Thermodynamics of the Glassy State
CRC Press (2007)

In the past thirty years, the area of spin glasses has experienced rapid growth, including the...

Mean Field Models for Spin Glasses: Volume I: Basic Examples

This rigorous introduction to an exciting new research domain is aimed at the mathematically minded...

Mean Field Models for Spin Glasses: Volume II: Advanced Replica-Symmetry and Low Temperature

Mean Field Models for Spin Glasses

Volume II: Advanced Replica-Symmetry and Low Temperature


This is a revised, updated and enlarged edition of Volume II of the author's book "Spin Glasses: A...

Spin Glasses and Other Frustrated Systems

The long list of “spin glass materials” and the summary of the experimental results...

Recent Progress in Random Magnets

Spin glasses exhibit random magnetic ordering as a result of competing interactions such as exchange...

Spin Glasses and Random Fields

The last few years have seen many developments in the study of “frustrated” systems,...

The Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model

This book explores core ideas underlying the Parisi solution of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model...

Spin Glasses: Statics and Dynamics: Summer School, Paris 2007

Over the last decade, spin glass theory has turned from a fascinating part of t- oretical physics to...