Symmetry (Physics)

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Supersymmetry and String Theory: Beyond the Standard Model

Supersymmetry and String Theory

Beyond the Standard Model


Comprehensive introduction to theoretical physics for graduates and researchers in string theory,...

Symmetries in Physics: Philosophical Reflections

This book brings together philosophical discussions of symmetry in physics, highlighting the main...

Weak Scale Supersymmetry: From Superfields to Scattering Events

Weak Scale Supersymmetry

From Superfields to Scattering Events


A comprehensive, practical and accessible 2006 introduction to supersymmetry for particle physicists...

Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics: A Computational Approach

Graduate textbook applying group theoretical techniques to solving symmetry related problems.

Supersymmetry in Particle Physics: An Elementary Introduction

The textbook, first published in 2007, provides a simple, practical introduction to supersymmetry...

Harmonic Superspace

The inventors of harmonic superspace present a clear account of the theory and its applications.

Supersymmetry in Disorder and Chaos

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the ideas and applications of supersymmetry.

Modern Supersymmetry: Dynamics and Duality

Modern Supersymmetry

Dynamics and Duality

OUP Oxford (2009)

The book provides a detailed survey of the modern developments in supersymmetry that are essential...

Symmetries And Curvature Structure In General Relativity

This is a text on classical general relativity from a geometrical viewpoint. Introductory chapters...

Nature's Blueprint: Supersymmetry and the Search for a Unified Theory of Matter and Force

Nature's Blueprint

Supersymmetry and the Search for a Unified Theory of Matter and Force

HarperCollins (2009)

The first accessible book on a theory of physics that explains the relationship between the...