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Awareness: Conversations with the Masters


Conversations with the Masters


"This is your wake-up call! You may not have even realized you were sleep-walking. Most of us are...

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: The Visual Evolution of a Devotion

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Visual Evolution of a Devotion


This essay traces the unfolding visual biography of the Sacred Heart, showing how imagery and visual...

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life
HarperCollins (2010)

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by the Revered James Martin, SJ (My Life with the Saints)...

The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner

This Cambridge Companion provides an accessible introduction to the main themes of Rahner's work.

Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Faith

Father Joe

The Man Who Saved My Faith

A key comic writer of the past three decades has created his most heartfelt and hard-hitting book. ...

Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life

Making All Things New

An Invitation to the Spiritual Life

HarperCollins (2009)

Newly repackaged, Making All Things New is an eloquent and simple explanation of the spiritual...

The Question of Hu

This lively and elegant book by the acclaimed historian Jonathan D. Spence reconstructs an...

The Practice of the Presence of God

Millions have learned to live in the presence of God through this simple book that was written by a...

Works of Jonathan Edwards

This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. This...

France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart: An Epic Tale for Modern Times

In a richly layered and beautifully illustrated narrative, Raymond Jonas tells the fascinating and...