Practical Theology

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HarperCollins (2009)

A classic work on grief, A Grief Observed is C.S. Lewis’s honest reflection on the fundamental...

Touchstone (2003)

"This is a result book....It is the story of the thrilling things that happened to people when they...

Son of Hamas

A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices

Son of Hamas is now available in softcover with an all-new chapter about events since the...

God at Work

Your Christian Vocation in All of Life

Crossway (2002)

Veith unpacks the Bible’s teaching about the doctrine of vocation, guiding readers in discovering...

Daily in His Presence

A Classic Devotional from One of the Most Powerful Voices of the Nineteenth Century


In his time, Andrew Murray was alarmed by how few believers lived wholeheartedly for God and truly...

Zondervan (2009)

This book helps people understand twelve common false assumptions about Christianity that cripple...


Give Your Best Sermon Ever—Every Time Newly edited for today’s readers, this time-tested book...

The current interest in spirituality has intensified the quest to incorporate spirituality in...

The Spirit of the Disciplines

Understanding How God Changes Lives

HarperCollins (2009)

How to Live as Jesus Lived Dallas Willard, one of today's most brilliant Christian thinkers and...

Competent to Counsel

Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling

Zondervan (2009)

This classic has helped thousands of pastors, students, laypeople, and Christian counselors develop...