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Middle English Poetry in Modern Verse

This rich and lively anthology offers a broad selection of Middle English poetry from about 1200 to...

A Mind Apart: Poems of Melancholy, Madness, and Addiction

A Mind Apart

Poems of Melancholy, Madness, and Addiction


This anthology offers comfort for those who suffer from mental illness and those who struggle to...

The Lymond Poetry

A beautiful collection of Renaissance poetry, assembled by one of the world's finest historical...

Eighteenth-Century Poetry: An Annotated Anthology
Wiley (2014)

Currently the definitive text in the field and now available in an expanded third edition, ...

Flora Poetica: The Chatto Book of Botanical Verse

Flora Poetica

The Chatto Book of Botanical Verse

Random House (2011)

This beautiful anthology brings together over 250 poems about flowers, plants and trees from eight...

Very Bad Poetry

Writing very bad poetry requires talent.  It helps to have a wooden ear for words, a penchant for...

The Poets' Corner: The One-and-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family

The Poets' Corner

The One-and-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family


From listening to his grandmother recite epic poems from memory to curling up in bed while his...

A Century of Sonnets: The Romantic-Era Revival 1750-1850

A Century of Sonnets

The Romantic-Era Revival 1750-1850


A Century of Sonnets is a striking reminder that some of the best known and most well-respected...

Chapters into Verse: Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible: Volume 1: Genesis to Malachi

From the Middle Ages to the present, English and American poets have taken inspiration from the Holy...

Postcolonial Witnessing: Trauma Out of Bounds

Postcolonial Witnessing

Trauma Out of Bounds


Postcolonial Witnessing argues that the suffering engendered by colonialism needs to be...