Mass media; Study and teaching

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Understanding the Global TV Format
Intellect (2006)

This volume presents a series of papers concerned with the interrelations between the postmodern and...

The Media Student's Book

The Media Student's Book is a comprehensive introduction for students of media studies. It covers...

Media Literacy: New Agendas in Communication

Media Literacy

New Agendas in Communication


This volume explores how educators can leverage student proficiency with new literacies for learning...

Media Literacy in Schools: Practice, Production and Progression

Media Literacy in Schools

Practice, Production and Progression


This resource helps secondary teachers develop media literacy across the curriculum and features a...

European Journalism Education
Intellect (2009)

This book maps recent developments in journalism education in Europe by providing an extensive...

An Introduction to Language and Society

An Introduction to Language and Society explores how our ways of seeing and engaging with the world...

Understanding the Media: A Practical Guide

A guide for teachers to teaching the media. Hart focuses on television, the press, radio and pop...

Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film

The representation of the Holocaust in literature and film has confronted lecturers and students...

Media Education Across Europe

Education in and about the media is expanding across Europe and, like the industries it studies, is...

Media Education in the Primary School

Media Education in the Primary School provides a clear, practical guide for teachers on how to...