Visual communication

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We Interrupt This Newscast: How to Improve Local News and Win Ratings, Too

We Interrupt This Newscast

How to Improve Local News and Win Ratings, Too

Tom Rosenstiel, Marion Just and 4 more...

The main argument of this book is that local TV news can practice high-quality journalism without...

Visual Communication: More than meets the eye

Visual Communication

More than meets the eye


We exist in a visual culture. The importance of reading and interpreting signs has become a rapidly...

Visual Information For Everyday Use: Design And Research Perspectives

Visual Information For Everyday Use

Design And Research Perspectives

Harms Zwaga, T. Boersema and 1 more...
CRC Press (1998)

Creating graphical communication for public use represents both a large industry and a fertile area...

Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling


The Power of Visual Storytelling

Jason Lankow, Josh Ritchie and 1 more...
Wiley (2012)

Transform your marketing efforts through the power of visual content In today's fast-paced...

Handbook of Visual Communication: Theory, Methods, and Media

Handbook of Visual Communication

Theory, Methods, and Media


This Handbook of Visual Communication explores the key theoretical areas in visual communication,...

The Non-Designer's Presentation Book

These days, it's not just corporate marketing directors tasked with giving computer-based...

PowerPoint 2013 Bible
Wiley (2013)

Master PowerPoint and improve your presentation skills with one book! In today's business...

Infographics For Dummies
Wiley (2014)

Create stunning infographics with this hands-on guide Infographics For Dummies  is a...

Iconic Communication

Our society is becoming a more visual culture day-by-day. This book offers detailed analyses of how...

Image Critique and the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Taking the fall of the Berlin Wall as a key marker in recent history – a period in which...