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A book for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on evidence and proof, and on legal method.

Legal Reason

The Use of Analogy in Legal Argument


Legal Reason is written in accessible prose, with examples from law and from everyday life.


The Art of Argument guides readers through the process of developing, defending and presenting a...

This is a work that promotes a universal rule of law norm.

The Legal Analyst

A Toolkit for Thinking about the Law


There are two kinds of knowledge law school teaches: legal rules on the one hand, and tools for...


A Very Short Introduction

Law touches every aspect of our daily lives, and yet the main concepts, terms, and processes of the...


The Path of the Law is a short essay by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., an American jurist who served on...

The Judicial Process

Realism, Pragmatism, Practical Reasoning and Principles


This 2005 book propounds a coherent and comprehensive judicial methodology for modern times.


A translation of Hegel's classic work of modern social and political thought, Elements of the...


Presents a sustained argument for a broad inter-disciplinary approach to evidence in litigation.