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Covering the major areas arising in anti-dumping investigations as embodied in the relevant WTO...

The second edition of Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics retains the selection of texts...

Value Added Tax

A Comparative Approach


This book integrates legal, economic, and administrative materials about value added tax.


Covers the basic principles and underlying logic of WTO law and the world trading system.

International Tax as International Law

An Analysis of the International Tax Regime


This book explains the international tax regime and how US tax law plays in the international...

Tax Havens Today

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Banking and Investing Offshore

Wiley (2007)

Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, Tax Havens Today arms you with the knowledge,...

Conflict of Norms in Public International Law

How WTO Law Relates to other Rules of International Law


His recurring theme is how to marry trade and non-trade rules, or economic and non-economic...


The first of its kind, this textbook has been carefully designed to give students and non-specialist...

This new translation of the Treatise on Law offers fidelity to the Latin in a readable new version...


Examines the operation of the WTO dispute settlement system during the WTO's first ten years.