Data warehousing

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The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit

Practical Techniques for Extracting, Cleaning, Conforming, and Delivering Data

Wiley (2004)

Cowritten by Ralph Kimball, the world's leading data warehousing authority, whose previous books...

Data Warehousing Fundamentals

A Comprehensive Guide for IT Professionals

Wiley (2008)

Geared to IT professionals eager to get into the all-important field of data warehousing, this book...

Mastering Data Warehouse Design

Relational and Dimensional Techniques

Wiley (2003)

A cutting-edge response to Ralph Kimball's challenge to the data warehouse community that answers...

Wiley (2009)

Data warehousing is one of the hottest business topics, and there’s more to understanding data...

Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates

Solutions for Star Schema Performance

Wiley (2006)

This is the first book to provide in-depth coverage of star schema aggregates used in dimensional...

The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit

With SQL Server 2008 R2 and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Toolset

Wiley (2011)

Best practices and invaluable advice from world-renowned data warehouse experts In this book,...

Wiley (2002)

The official guide to programming with the revolutionary data-sharing technology The Common...

Wiley (2003)

Written by the authors of the Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) specification, this book is the...


The definitive guide to dimensional design for your data warehouse Learn the best practices of...


“This book should satisfy those who want a different perspective than the official Oracle...