Neural computers

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An Introduction to Neural Networks
CRC Press (1997)

Though mathematical ideas underpin the study of neural networks, the author presents the...

Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks
Wiley (2004)

State-of-the-art coverage of Kalman filter methods for the design of neural networks This...

Static and Dynamic Neural Networks: From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory

Static and Dynamic Neural Networks

From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory

Madan Gupta, Liang Jin and 1 more...
Wiley (2004)

Provides comprehensive treatment of the theory of both static and dynamic neural networks. *...

Oscillations in Neural Systems

This book is the fourth in a series based on conferences sponsored by the Metroplex Institute for...

Algorithms and Architectures

This volume is the first diverse and comprehensive treatment of algorithms and architectures for the...

Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

This book is one of the most up-to-date and cutting-edge texts available on the rapidly growing...

Brain-Mind Machinery: Brain-Inspired Computing and Mind Opening

Brain-Mind Machinery

Brain-Inspired Computing and Mind Opening

Brain-Mind Machinery provides a walkthrough to the world of brain-inspired computing and...

Handbook of Neural Engineering
Wiley (2007)

An important new work establishing a foundation for future developments in neural engineering The ...

Kohonen Maps

The Self-Organizing Map, or Kohonen Map, is one of the most widely used neural network algorithms,...

Neural Systems for Control

Control problems offer an industrially important application and a guide to understanding control...