Political organization. Political anthropology

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A comparative look at the issue of ethnic politics and conflict using the case studies of France,...


"A welcome and brilliantly crafted overview of this field. It represents a major advance in our...

Wiley (2008)

This innovative reader brings together classic theoretical texts and cutting-edge ethnographic...

The Political Landscape

Constellations of Authority in Early Complex Polities

How do landscapes—defined in the broadest sense to incorporate the physical contours of the built...


Addresses the position of minorities in democratic societies, with a particular focus on minority...

The Postcolonial Question

Common Skies, Divided Horizons


Brings together renowed and emerging critical voices to respond to the questions raised by the...

Race and Ethnicity

Culture, Identity and Representation


Broad-ranging and comprehensive, this incisive new textbook examines the shifting meanings of 'race'...


Provides a coherent theoretical framework for the sociological analysis of ethnicity


Diaspora & Hybridity deals with those theoretical issues which concern social theory and social...

Political Anthropology: An Introduction

An Introduction, Third Edition

ABC-CLIO (2003)

In the foreword to the first edition, renowned anthropologist Victor Turner wrote that this book was...