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Allen & Unwin (2004)

The history of European fashion and fashion folly, this is the seventh book in the fantastic...

British Chimney Sweeps

Five Centuries of Chimney Sweeping


The art and science of chimney sweeping, from the development of chimneys in the twelfth century to...

Tattoo Machine

Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life in Ink

As the proprietor of the legendary Sea Tramp Tattoo Company, in Portland, Oregon, Jeff Johnson has...

Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos

A Social History of the Tattoo With Gangs, Sailors, and Street-Corner Punks 1950-1965


Explore the dark subculture of 1950s tattoos! In the early 1950s, when tattoos were the indelible...

Designing Apparel for Consumers

The Impact of Body Shape and Size


Given its importance for consumer satisfaction and thus brand success, apparel fit is a major...

Ethnic Dress in the United States

A Cultural Encyclopedia

A concise and systematic exploration of 150 distinct items of ethnic dress, their history, and their...

ABC-CLIO (2008)

Find out what we wore and why we wore it in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing in American...

ABC-CLIO (2010)

Authors Ann Buermann Wass and Michelle Webb Fandrich provide information on fabrics, materials, and...

ABC-CLIO (2013)

Clothing through American History: The British Colonial Era presents, in six chapters, a...

ABC-CLIO (2015)

This unique book provides detailed studies of more than 300 occupations as they were practiced in 21...