Cosmic dust

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Dark Energy: Theory and Observations

Dark Energy

Theory and Observations


Introducing the theoretical ideas, observational methods and results in dark energy, this textbook...

The Dark Matter Problem: A Historical Perspective

The Dark Matter Problem

A Historical Perspective


This book describes the development of dark matter theory for cosmologists, astronomers and particle...

The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter

The Cosmic Cocktail

Three Parts Dark Matter


The ordinary atoms that make up the known universe—from our bodies and the air we breathe to the...

In Search of Dark Matter

The dark matter problem is one of the most fundamental and profoundly difficult problems in the...

The Dark Universe: Matter, Energy and Gravity

The Dark Universe

Matter, Energy and Gravity


This book presents a collection of review articles on all aspects of dark matter and theories of...

Dark Energy: Observational and Theoretical Approaches

Dark Energy

Observational and Theoretical Approaches


Complete and comprehensive introduction for physics graduate students just entering the field, and...

The Physics of Interstellar Dust
CRC Press (2002)

Interstellar dust grains catalyse chemical reactions, absorb, scatter, polarise and re-radiate...

Dark Matter In The Universe: 4th Jerusalem Winter School For Theoretical Physics Lectures

Dark Matter In The Universe

4th Jerusalem Winter School For Theoretical Physics Lectures

John Bahcall, Tsvi Piran and 1 more...

If standard gravitational theory is correct, then most of the matter in the universe is in an...

High-Velocity Clouds

On the occasion of the retirement of Ulrich Schwarz, a symposium was held in Groningen in May of...

Modern Cosmology and the Dark Matter Problem

This book shows how modern cosmology has led to the idea of dark matter in the universe, and...