Calculus of tensors

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Tensor Analysis

Tensor analysis is an essential tool in any science (e.g. engineering, physics, mathematical...

Vector Analysis Versus Vector Calculus

The aim of this book is to facilitate the use of Stokes' Theorem in applications.  The text takes a...

De Gruyter (2008)

Representing an introduction to tensor analysis, this book introduces tensors in symbolic notation...

Differential Forms: Theory and Practice

Differential forms are a powerful mathematical technique to help students, researchers, and...

Vector Analysis and Cartesian Tensors

Vector Analysis and Cartesian Tensors, Second Edition focuses on the processes, methodologies, and...

Frames and Bases: An Introductory Course

Frames and Bases

An Introductory Course


Based on a streamlined presentation of the author’s successful work, An Introduction to Frames and...

Theory of Holors: A Generalization of Tensors

Establishes a method by which students and teachers can learn vector and tensor analysis by a...

Vectors in Two or Three Dimensions

Vectors in 2 or 3 Dimensions provides an introduction to vectors from their very basics. The author...

Elementary Vectors: Pergamon International Library

Elementary Vectors

Pergamon International Library


Elementary Vectors, Third Edition serves as an introductory course in vector analysis and is...

The Divergence Theorem and Sets of Finite Perimeter
CRC Press (2016)

This book is devoted to a detailed development of the divergence theorem. The framework is that of...