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A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays
OUP Oxford (2008)

This unique edition brings together four plays concerned with 'domestic' themes: Arden of Faversham,...

Strategies of Political Theatre: Post-War British Playwrights

Strategies of Political Theatre

Post-War British Playwrights


Provides theoretical framework for important play-writing in Britain in the second half of the...

Theatrical Convention and Audience Response in Early Modern Drama

A survey of the formal conventions of the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Horse Crazy!: The Complete Adventures of Bonnie and Sam

Horse Crazy!

The Complete Adventures of Bonnie and Sam

Allen & Unwin (2009)

Friendship, horses and adventure in an Australian country town combine in this collection of four...

Theatre, Finance and Society in Early Modern England

This book examines emotional responses to socio-economic pressures in early modern English plays and...

A study of law and early modern English literature.

Desire and Dramatic Form in Early Modern England

This wide-ranging study investigates the intersections of erotic desire and dramatic form in the...

Elizabethan Stage Conventions and Modern Interpreters

Alan Dessen reconstructs the stage in the Elizabethan era from scrutinising four hundred...

Seizures of the Will in Early Modern English Drama

An analysis of Renaissance plays in the context of social rank, gender, kinship, and service...

The Cambridge Companion to English Restoration Theatre

Fourteen specially commissioned essays provide essential information about staging, playwrights,...