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Introduction to Water Resources and Environmental Issues

Provides a thorough introduction for undergraduate students to the complex and crucial world of...

Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Synthesis across Processes, Places and Scales

Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins

Synthesis across Processes, Places and Scales


A synthesis of international catchment hydrology research, for researchers and professionals in...

Hydroclimatology: Perspectives and Applications


Perspectives and Applications


A graduate textbook on the interdisciplinary significance of hydroclimatology, explaining the...

Water Resilience for Human Prosperity

A new approach to water-resources for researchers, professionals and graduate students, focusing on...

River Mechanics

Fundamental principles of river mechanics, with engineering analysis and design, including problems,...

Introduction to Geostatistics: Applications in Hydrogeology

Introduction to Geostatistics

Applications in Hydrogeology


This presents practical techniques for interpolation and estimation problems when analysing data...

Climate Changes during the Holocene and their Impact on Hydrological Systems

Comprehensive review of effects of climate variability on hydrological and human systems in the...

Inter-Basin Water Transfer: Case Studies from Australia, United States, Canada, China and India

Inter-Basin Water Transfer

Case Studies from Australia, United States, Canada, China and India


This book examines case studies of large water infrastructure projects within diverse geographical,...

Principles of Snow Hydrology

This book describes factors affecting the accumulation, melting and runoff of water from seasonal...

Managing and Transforming Water Conflicts

A practical guide to water conflict resolution for professionals and academics involved in water...