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Data Visualization Made Simple

Insights into Becoming Visual


Data Visualization Made Simple is a practical guide to the fundamentals, strategies, and real-world...


E-Learning has long been touted as the brave new frontier of education, offering fresh challenges to...

The Online Writing Conference

A Guide for Teachers and Tutors

Heinemann (2010)

Composition is going digital. Online writing courses in colleges across the country are increasing...

The One World Schoolhouse

Education Reimagined


A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. This is the goal of the Khan Academy, a...

Building Online Learning Communities

Effective Strategies for the Virtual Classroom

Wiley (2007)

Building Online Learning Communities further explores the development of virtual classroom...

Wiley (2007)

From William Horton -- a world renowned expert with more than thirty-five years of hands-on...

The Virtual Student

A Profile and Guide to Working with Online Learners

Wiley (2003)

The Virtual Student is an essential resource for online educators working with students in higher...

Wiley (2006)

Use the quick-start guide to create your course in a flash Post course materials, give quizzes,...


According to the National Center for Education Statistics more than 85% of public universities offer...

Effective Online Teaching

Foundations and Strategies for Student Success

Wiley (2011)

Effective Online Teaching is an essential resource that offers a clear understanding of how...