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The Dreamkeepers

Successful Teachers of African American Children

Wiley (2013)

In the second edition of her critically acclaimed book The Dreamkeepers , Gloria Ladson-Billings...

Wiley (2002)

A Treasury of Hundreds of Books that Help Boys Grow and Flourish "Images-strong, proud and happy,...


Offering information for use inside and outside of the classroom, this educational resource...

Leadership on Purpose

Promising Practices for African American and Hispanic Students


This invaluable resource highlights specific best practices from 13 exemplary schools that yield...

Sourcebooks (2011)

"The best college guide you can buy." -USA Today For more than 25 years, this leading guide to more...

ASCD (2009)

This thought-provoking book from award-winning educator Baruti K. Kafele offers proven strategies...

Schools Betrayed

Roots of Failure in Inner-City Education


The problems commonly associated with inner-city schools were not nearly as pervasive a century ago,...

The Black Campus Movement

Black Students and the Racial Reconstitution of Higher Education, 1965-1972


This book provides the first national study of this intense and challenging struggle which disrupted...


This challenge to influential educator Ruby Payne's theories about the impact of class differences...

Wiley (2013)

Praise for the Previous Edition of The American Community College "Projecting the future for...