Electromagnetic waves; Transmission

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Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 1, Geometrical Optics

An important reference work for researchers in optics, astronomy, physics and electrical...

Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 2, Weak Scattering

The second volume of a series of books dealing with effect of the atmosphere on electromagnetic...

Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boundary Layer
Wiley (2006)

Based on his many years of professional experience at leading companies in communications...

Advanced Electromagnetism and Vacuum Physics

This book is aimed at a large audience: scientists, engineers, professors and students wise enough...

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Turbulence: Evaluation and Application of Mellin Transforms

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Turbulence

Evaluation and Application of Mellin Transforms

SPIE (2007)

At first glance, Mellin transforms can look formidable and complicated. With this book, Dr. Richard...