Semiconductors Defects

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Photo-induced Defects in Semiconductors

A thorough review of the properties of deep-level, localized defects in semiconductors.

Defect Control in Semiconductors

Defect control in semiconductors is a key technology for realizing the ultimate possibilities of...

Gettering Defects in Semiconductors

Gettering Defects in Semiconductors fulfills three basic purposes: – to systematize the experience...

Transport, Correlation and Structural Defects

Disordered materials offer new and unexpected insights into the structure of solids and the ways...

Transition Metal Impurities in Semiconductors: Electronic Structure and Physical Properties

Transition Metal Impurities in Semiconductors

Electronic Structure and Physical Properties

V.N. Flerov, K.A. Kikoin and 1 more...

This book discusses the theory of the electron states of transition metal impurities in...

Charged Semiconductor Defects: Structure, Thermodynamics and Diffusion

Charged Semiconductor Defects

Structure, Thermodynamics and Diffusion


"Charged Defects in Semiconductors" details the current state of knowledge regarding the properties...