Coherence (Nuclear physics)

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Decoherence: and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition


and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition


Over the course of the past decade, decoherence has become a ubiquitous scienti?c term popular in...

Quantum Coherence Correlation and Decoherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Semiconductor nanostructures are attracting a great deal of interest as the most promising device...

Optical Generation and Control of Quantum Coherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures

This book covers advances in the optical control of coherence in excitonic and polaritonic systems...

Manipulating Quantum Coherence in Solid State Systems

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Manipulating Quantum Coherence in Solid State...

Quantum Decoherence: Poincaré Seminar 2005

This volume is devoted to Quantum Decoherence with lectures from the Séminaire Poincaré, held in...