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Environmental Studies

About the Book: This book is designed in terms of the UGC guidelines for the common course on...

Clarifier Design: WEF Manual of Practice No. FD-8

Clarification is the final step in wastewater treatment. Once the water has been thoroughly...

Decommissioning the Brent Spar
CRC Press (1999)

Decommissioning of Brent Spar chronicles the events leading up to the recent decision to recycle...

Basic Environmental Engineering

About the Book: This textbook provides the basic information about the Environmental Engineering...

Seismic Control Systems: Design and Performance Assessment

Seismic Control Systems

Design and Performance Assessment

WIT Press (2012)

Earthquakes remain largely unpredictable and potentially catastrophic, a matter of continuous...

Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures X
WIT Press (2015)

Containing the latest research on preparation for and mitigation of future earthquakes, this book...

Principles of Seismology

This new edition features a completely new chapter on digital seismic data processing, numerous...

Practical Environmental Forensics: Process and Case Histories
Wiley (2001)

A comprehensive practical guide to environmental forensics With real-world examples and advice on...

Flood Pulsing in Wetlands: Restoring the Natural Hydrological Balance

Flood Pulsing in Wetlands

Restoring the Natural Hydrological Balance

Wiley (2002)

The latest cutting-edge research on flood pulsing and wetland restoration in North America ...

Settleability Problems and Loss of Solids in the Activated Sludge Process
Wiley (2003)

The activated sludge process is the most versatile, commonly used wastewater treatment system in...