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The Laramie Project

On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie,...


The Tony Award—winning play that soars at the intersection of science and art, Copenhagen is an...

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays

Changing My Mind

Occasional Essays


"[These essays] reflect a lively, unselfconscious, rigorous, erudite, and earnestly open mind that's...

Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter

This thoroughly revised edition includes updated essays on cultural themes and literary analysis,...

A Long And Lonely Road
Random House (2010)

Liverpool, Christmas 1938. Rose McAllister is waiting for her husband, Steve, to come home. He is a...

A Charmed Life: The Spirituality of Potterworld

A Charmed Life

The Spirituality of Potterworld

In this enlightening look at J.K. Rowling's phenomenal bestsellers, a Christian minister illuminates...

Famous Quotes from 100 Great People

Table of Contents:A-Z INDEXAncient Greeks and Romans: Aesop | Aristotle | Marcus Aurelius | Cicero |...

The Mercy Seat: A Play

Set on September 12, 2001, The Mercy Seat continues Neil LaBute's unflinching fascination with the...

Uncle Vanya: Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts

Uncle Vanya

Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts


Uncle Vanya is one of Anton Checkov's four major plays. It was first performed in 1900, the year...

An Enemy of the People: A Play in Five Acts

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen wrote An Enemy of the People in 1882 as a response to the public...