Wit and humor

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The Dog that Dumped on my Doona
Allen & Unwin (2008)

What's an eleven-year-old boy to do when an ugly dog called Blacky appears on his bed and tells...

Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart: (New Edition)

"Things Fall Apart", set in Nigeria about a century ago, is widely regarded as Chinua...

Humour in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Essays lay the groundwork for a theory of humour in Old English literature.

The Language of Humour

The Language of Humour : * examines the importance of the social context for humour * explores the...

Welcome to Our Hillbrow: A Novel of Postapartheid South Africa

Welcome to Our Hillbrow

A Novel of Postapartheid South Africa


Welcome to Our Hillbrow is an exhilarating and disturbing ride through the chaotic and hyper-real...

Literature, Satire and the Early Stuart State

Andrew McRae examines the relation between literature and politics at a pivotal moment in English...

A Book of Nonsense

From the benighted Old Man with a Beard to the erudite Perpendicular Purple Polly, Edward Lear's...

Magical Realism in West African Fiction

This study contextualizes magical realism within current debates and theories of postcoloniality and...

Black South African Women: An Anthology of Plays

This is the first anthology to focus exclusively on the lives of Black South African women. This...

The Wounded Animal: J. M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy

The Wounded Animal

J. M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy


In 1997, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist J. M. Coetzee, invited to Princeton University to lecture...