Environmental degradation

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Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook

Specifies methods, standards and terminology used in soil and land survey investigations.

Exploring Environmental Issues: An Integrated Approach

Global warming, ozone depletion, drought, acid rain - their causes are viewed as extraordinarily...

Sustainability Indicators: Measuring the Immeasurable?

Sustainability Indicators

Measuring the Immeasurable?


Praise for the first edition:'This book should be of interest to anyone interested in sustainable...

Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities: The Role of Living Laboratories

Now that the Earth has reached the limits of its biophysical carrying capacity, we have to change...

Humans and the Natural Environment: The Future of Our Planet

Presents eye-opening facts in a manner accessible to young readers, using full-color photographs and...

Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Change

Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Change is an introduction to the major pollutants causing...

Degraded Forests in Eastern Africa: Management and Restoration

Forest degradation as a result of logging, shifting cultivation, agriculture and urban development...

When the Bough Breaks...: Our children, our environment

When the Bough Breaks...

Our children, our environment


TO ACCOMPANY A MAJOR ITV DOCUMENTARY We are poisoning our planet and destroying the lives of our...

Rio: Unravelling the Consequences


Unravelling the Consequences


The interdisciplinary collection of essays investigates whether UNCED and its output were...

Acid Atmospheric Deposition and its Effects on Terrestrial Ecosystems in The Netherlands: The Third and Final Phase (1991-1995)

The book begins with an overview of the research topics which were addressed in the three different...