Environmental management

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Positive Development

From Vicious Circles to Virtuous Cycles through Built Environment Design


Janis Birkeland presents the innovative new paradigm of 'Positive Development' in which the built...

Flammable Australia

Fire Regimes, Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World


Leading researchers give an overview of the field of fire ecology in Australia.


Environmental management is a wide, expanding, and rapidly evolving field, affecting everyone from...

Environmental Management

Revision Guide for the IEMA Associate Membership Exam and NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management


Written by Adrian Belcham, author of Manual of Environmental Management , this is the essential...

Wiley (2013)

China’s huge environmental challenges are significant for us all. They affect not only the health...

Environmental Management Systems

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementation and Maintenance


This third edition of Sheldon and Yoxon's authoritative Environmental Management Systems (previously...


Presents fresh research full of practical case studies exploring risk and uncertainty in...

Design for Sustainability

A Sourcebook of Integrated Ecological Solutions


With radical and innovative design solutions, everyone could be living in buildings and settlements...


The do-it-yourself manual, with steps to success and simple explanatory notes, designed for real...


This book focuses on the discipline of plant ecology as a foundation for vegetation and wildlife...