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River City and Valley Life

An Environmental History of the Sacramento Region

Often referred to as “the Big Tomato,” Sacramento is a city whose makeup is significantly more...

The Big Muddy

An Environmental History of the Mississippi and Its Peoples from Hernando de Soto to Hurricane Katrina


The Mississippi Valley has been a place where the battle between water and land has been a constant...

The Hudson Primer

The Ecology of an Iconic River

This succinct book gives an intimate view of the day-to-day functioning of a remarkable river that...

Protecting New Jersey's Environment

From Cancer Alley to the New Garden State


In Protecting New Jersey's Environment, critical environmental concerns translate into real human...

New Jersey's Environments

Past, Present, and Future


In New Jersey’s Environments , historians, policy-makers, and earth scientists use a case study...

CABI (2010)

The effects of tourism on the ecology and natural environment of tourist destinations are hotly...

Mightier Hudson

The Spirited Revival of a Treasured Landscape

Lyons Press (2012)

The amazing story of the transformation of the Hudson River; a tale of environmental, economic,...

Devastation And Renewal

An Environmental History Of Pittsburgh

Every city has an environmental story, perhaps none so dramatic as Pittsburgh's. Founded in a river...

Energy Metropolis

An Environmental History of Houston and the Gulf Coast

Houston's meteoric rise from a bayou trading post to the world's leading oil supplier owes much to...

Remaking Boston

An Environmental History of the City and Its Surroundings

Since its settlement in 1630, Boston, its harbor, and outlying regions have witnessed a monumental...