Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes

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Dynamic Programming Based Operation of Reservoirs: Applicability and Limits

This book covers dynamic programming techniques in reservoir management for researchers and...

The Ripple Effect: The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century

The Ripple Effect

The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century

Scribner (2011)

AS ALEX PRUD’HOMME and his great-aunt Julia Child were completing their collaboration on her...

Managing Water for Australia: The Social and Institutional Challenges

Managing Water for Australia

The Social and Institutional Challenges


Addresses major challenges in implementing required reforms in Australian water policy and...

Water in Mineral Processing
SME (2012)

One of the major challenges confronting the mining and minerals processing industry in the 21st...

Pumping Station Design: Revised 3rd Edition

Pumping Station Design, 3e is an essential reference for all professionals. From the expert city...

Australia's Water Resources: From Use to Management

Australia's Water Resources

From Use to Management


This book explores the recent profound reorientation of attitudes and relationships to water in...

Hydrology: Principle Analysis Design


Principle Analysis Design

An attempt is made to place before students (degree and post-degree) and professionals in the fields...

Mathematics Manual for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
CRC Press (2004)

A comprehensive, self-contained mathematics reference, The Mathematics Manual for Water and...

Water Policy Reform: Lessons in Sustainability from the Murray Darling Basin

Water Policy Reform

Lessons in Sustainability from the Murray Darling Basin

John Quiggin, Sarah Chambers and 1 more...

Agriculture in the Murray Darling Basin of Australia represents a controversial 'policy...

Water: Asia's New Battleground


Asia's New Battleground


Winner of the Asia Society's Bernard Schwartz 2012 Book Award. The battles of yesterday were...