Democratic Politics in the European Parliament

This 2007 book argues that a strong party system in the European Parliament is promoting democratic...

The European Parliament and Supranational Party System: A Study in Institutional Development

This book examines the impact of legislative and political authority on the internal development of...

European Integration and Political Conflict

In this 2004 volume, a formidable group of scholars investigate patterns of conflict that are...

The European Commission and the Integration of Europe: Images of Governance

Based on interviews with 137 top Commission officials, this 2002 book challenges assumptions about...

The Politics of the Nazi Past in Germany and Austria

This book compares the influence of the Nazi past in contemporary German and Austrian politics.

European Union Council Presidencies: A Comparative Analysis

This book describes, analyses, explains and compares the role performance of different presidencies....

Accountability, Parliamentarism and Transparency in the EU: The Role of National Parliaments

This accessible and detailed book takes an interdisciplinary approach in exploring the position of...

Twenty-First Century Populism: The Spectre of Western European Democracy

Twenty-First Century Populism

The Spectre of Western European Democracy


Twenty-First Century Populism analyses the phenomenon of sustained populist growth in Western...

Lobbying and the Media: Working with Politicians and Journalists

Lobbying and the Media

Working with Politicians and Journalists


"This introduction to lobbying in the United Kingdom shows how this art form is dependent upon...

Competency Management in the Public Sector: European Variations on a Theme

Competency Management in the Public Sector

European Variations on a Theme

S. Horton, A. Hondeghem and 1 more...
IOS Press (2002)

Designed for both practitioners and academics, this work seeks to inform the reader about the...