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Statistics for Six Sigma Green Belts with Minitab and JMP (paperback)

The only book on the market that provides a simple nonmathematical presentation of the statistics...

Six Sigma for Everyone
Wiley (2003)

A practical, straightforward guide to Six Sigma for employees in organizations contemplating or...


About the Book: The new edition of CAD/CAM/CIM has been brought out to focus on the response of CIM...

What is Lean Six Sigma

A quick introduction on how to use Lean Six Sigma to improve your workplace, meet your goals, and...

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Systems, Life Cycle, Electronic Commerce, and Risk

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Systems, Life Cycle, Electronic Commerce, and Risk


An examination of the pros and cons of ERP systems and their role in e-commerce.

The Six Sigma Handbook, Revised and Expanded

The most comprehensive Six Sigma reference available, now revised and expanded Completely...

What Is Six Sigma?

A brief introduction to Six Sigma­­ for employees Six Sigma is today's most talked-about system...

The Basics of FMEA
CRC Press (2008)

Demonstrates How To Perform FMEAs Step-by-Step Originally designed to address safety concerns,...

Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma Quality with Lean Production Speed

Lean Six Sigma

Combining Six Sigma Quality with Lean Production Speed


The Breakthrough Program for Increasing Quality, Shortening Cycle Times, and Creating Shareholder...

Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy

A veteran GE manager explains the tools of Six Sigma--in plain English This is the first simple,...