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Scribner (2012)

The ultimate “parenting bible” ( The Boston Globe ) with a new foreword—and available as an ebook...

Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis

Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived


The practical followup to the acclaimed bestseller In 2001, the groundbreaking book Quarterlife...


The Prehistory of Youth Culture: 1875-1945


In his previous landmark book on youth culture and teen angst, the award-winning England's Dreaming...

Da Capo Press (2009)

"David Elkind [is] one of psychology's leading lights."-- Washington Post With the first...


This book empowers parents of autistic young people aged 11 to 20 to help them promote resilience in...

The Drama of the Gifted Child

The Search for the True Self, Third Edition

Basic Books (2008)

The bestselling book on childhood trauma and the enduring effects of repressed anger and pain ...

The Parallel Process

Growing Alongside Your Adolescent or Young Adult Child in Treatment

Lantern Books (2010)

For many parents of troubled teenagers, a therapeutic program that takes the child from the home for...

365 Manners Kids Should Know

Games, Activities, and Other Fun Ways to Help Children Learn Etiquette

If you’ve ever cringed at the sight of your ten-year-old waltzing through the neighbor’s front door...

A Brother's Journey

Surviving a Childhood of Abuse


Mom has no one like David around to beat on anymore. I am more afraid of her than ever...I get in...

YOU: Being Beautiful

The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty

Scribner (2008)

Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans...