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The Anatomy of Story

22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller


John Truby is one of the most respected and sought-after story consultants in the film industry, and...

EPISODE III–THE ONE AND ONLY OFFICIAL SCREENPLAY, available exclusively in ebook format,...


Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting

HarperCollins (2010)

Robert McKee's screenwriting workshops have earned him an international reputation for inspiring...

The Short Screenplay

Your Short Film from Concept to Production


With the growth of film festivals, cable networks, specialty home video, and the Internet, there are...

Allen & Unwin (2003)

A practical guide to writing for film from an experienced screenwriter and script editor who has...

The Art of Dramatic Writing

Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives

Touchstone (1972)

Amid the hundreds of "how-to" books that have appeared in recent years, there have been very few...


With such iconic films as the Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction , Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2 , and ...

Writing Short Films

Structure and Content for Screenwriters

This new edition has been completely updated and revised along with the addition of several new...

Animation Writing and Development

From Script Development to Pitch

CRC Press (2013)

The art. The craft. The business. Animation Writing and Development takes students and animation...

Aristotle in Hollywood

Visual Stories That Work


Throughout the centuries Aristotle's Poetics remained something of a mystery. What was the great...