Exploitation and utilization

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Tree Faller's Manual

Techniques for Standard and Complex Tree-Felling Operations


Covers risk assessment, theory and techniques for manual tree-felling.

The Measurement of Roundwood

Methodologies and Conversion Ratios

CABI (2005)

The ability to measure roundwood quantity and quality, and predict product yields is of great...

Wiley (2009)

Wood is the most versatile raw material available to man. It is burned as fuel, shaped into...


Decentralization is sweeping the world and having dramatic and far-reaching impacts on resource...

Wild Product Governance

Finding Policies that Work for Non-Timber Forest Products


Products from the wild, also known as non-timber forest products (NTFPs), are used as medicines,...


The dry forests and woodlands of Sub-Saharan Africa are major ecosystems, with a broad range of...

Tapping the Green Market

Management and Certification of Non-timber Forest Products


There is a rapidly growing interest in, and demand for, non-timber forest products (NTFPs). They...


Energy is an issue for everyone and nowhere more so than in the SADCC countries. But for sensible...

Beyond the Woodfuel Crisis

People, land and trees in Africa


People scratching a living from parched land, women walking miles for scraps of firewood are both...

Plantation Politics

Forest plantations in development


Plantations are playing an increasingly important part in the development and the economies of the...