Forest meteorology. Forest microclimatology

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Assessment of the Risk of Amazon Dieback

The Amazon basin is a key component of the global carbon cycle. Not only is the old-growth...

Wind and Trees

Covers wind behaviour, mechanical physiological responses of trees and forest management.

Forests at the Land Atmosphere Interface: Atmosphere Interface
CABI (2003)

Forest ecosystems grow at the interface between the land and the atmosphere. This book presents an...

Environmental Change and Geomorphic Hazards in Forests. IUFRO Research Series, No. 9.
CABI (2002)

Environmental and climate change is affecting forests and land use in numerous ways, including...

Forestry and Climate Change
CABI (2007)

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face - both in terms of its potential impact on...

Nachhaltiges Change Management: Interdisziplinäre Fallbeispiele und Perspektiven

Nachhaltiges Change Management

Interdisziplinäre Fallbeispiele und Perspektiven

Gabler Verlag (2007)

Ziel ist, aus dem Blickwinkel renommierter internationaler Autoren auf unterschiedliche betriebliche...