Banach algebras

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Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras

This book, first published in 2003, is an indispensable introduction to the theory of operator...

Introduction to Banach Algebras, Operators, and Harmonic Analysis

Introduction to important topics in functional analysis from leading researchers. Ideal for graduate...

Continuous Crossed Products and Type III Von Neumann Algebras

These notes, based on lectures given at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, provide an...

Uniform Algebras and Jensen Measures

These lecture notes are devoted to an area of current research interest that bridges functional...

Introduction to Subfactors

These notes give an introduction to subfactors suitable for newcomers to the field.

Bioprocess Engineering Principles

This welcome new edition discusses bioprocess engineering from the perspective of biology students....

Banach Algebras and the General Theory of *-Algebras: Volume 1, Algebras and Banach Algebras

This is the first volume of a two volume set that provides a modern account of basic Banach algebra...

Banach Algebras and the General Theory of *-Algebras: Volume 2, *-Algebras

This second of two volumes gives a modern exposition of the theory of Banach algebras.

Operator Algebras in Dynamical Systems

This book is essential reading for graduate students and professionals working in operator algebras,...

Continuous Semigroups in Banach Algebras

In these notes the abstract theory of analytic one-parameter semigroups in Banach algebras is...