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Linear Algebra For Dummies
Wiley (2009)

Learn to: Solve linear algebra equations in several ways Put data in order with matrices ...

Linear Algebra: Step by Step
OUP Oxford (2013)

Linear algebra is a fundamental area of mathematics, and arguably the most powerful mathematical...

Linear Algebra Demystified

Taught at junior level math courses at every university, Linear Algebra is essential for students in...

Matrix Algebra

A stand-alone textbook in matrix algebra for econometricians and statisticians - advanced...

Linear Algebra Study Guide

Boost Your grades with this illustrated quick-study guide. You will use it from college all the way...

Combinatorial Matrix Theory

This book, first published in 1991, is devoted to the exposition of combinatorial matrix theory.

A First Course in Linear Algebra: With Concurrent Examples

This is a short, readable introduction to basic linear algebra, as usually encountered in a first...

Topics in Matrix Analysis

This book treats several topics in matrix theory not included in its predecessor volume, Matrix...

Sparse Matrix Technology

Sparse Matrix Technology presents the methods, concepts, ideas, and applications of sparse matrix...

Handbook of Linear Algebra
CRC Press (2006)

The Handbook of Linear Algebra provides comprehensive coverage of linear algebra concepts,...