Physics; Experiments

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Practical Physics

New edition of classic textbook companion for any undergraduate course in practical experimental...

An Introduction to Experimental Physics
CRC Press (1996)

Understanding, designing and conducting experiments is at the heart of science. This text introduces...

Experimental Researches In Chemistry And Physics
CRC Press (1990)

A classic text from Michael Faraday with a new foreword by J. M. Thomas. This essential read for all...

Optik: Wellen- und Teilchenoptik


Wellen- und Teilchenoptik

De Gruyter (2008)

Für Studierende der Physik in Grund- und Hauptstudium ist das Buch ein Begleittext vor allem für die...

Pyroelectric Materials: Infrared Detectors, Particle Accelerators, and Energy Harvesters

Pyroelectric Materials

Infrared Detectors, Particle Accelerators, and Energy Harvesters

This monograph contains comprehensive cutting-edge information on pyroelectric materials and...

Essentials of Radiation Heat Transfer
Wiley (2014)

Essentials of Radiation Heat Transfer presents the essential, fundamental information required to...

Physics Project Lab
OUP Oxford (2014)

Over 50 extended projects are described in detail. Each project description starts with a summary of...

Metastable Solids from Undercooled Melts

This book presents the physical concepts and tools to characterize and describe the formation of...

Radiative Heat Transfer

The most comprehensive and detailed treatment of thermal radiation heat transfer available for...

Cumulative Subject Index Volumes 1-32

This volume is the cumulative subject index for volumes 1-32 of Experimental Methods in Physical...