Environmental sciences

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This textbook enables students to apply the theory and approach of International Relations to...

Mao's War against Nature

Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China


This book tells the story of environmental destruction and human suffering during the Mao years.

Positive Development

From Vicious Circles to Virtuous Cycles through Built Environment Design


Janis Birkeland presents the innovative new paradigm of 'Positive Development' in which the built...


Describes how to conduct a complete environmental risk assessment for students, researchers and...


This Handbook compiles the state of the art of current research on sustainable consumption from the...

Greeniology 2020

Greener Living Today, And In The Future

Do you want to live well, be green and make a difference? There's never been a better time to reduce...

Discovering Nature

Globalization and Environmental Culture in China and Taiwan


A description of the transformations in Chinese and Taiwanese responses to the environment across...

The Skeptical Environmentalist

Measuring the Real State of the World


A controversial, wide ranging and clearly documented survey of the state of the global environment.

The World in 2050

Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future


A vivid forecast of our planet in the year 2050 by a rising star in geoscience, distilling...


This is the very first comprehensive Australian textbook on environmental sociology.