Political and diplomatic history

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Power Shift

China and Asia’s New Dynamics

The dynamics of international relations in Asia are undergoing broad and fundamental changes that...


Examining American policy towards right-wing dictatorships from the 1960s to the end of the Cold...

Rise to Globalism

American Foreign Policy Since 1938, Ninth Revised Edition


Since it first appeared in 1971, Rise to Globalism has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The...


A study of fascism in Europe, focusing on the six countries in which it became most dominant.


This text outlines both practical and theoretical approaches in making Australian foreign policy.


This book, first published in 2005, explores why China and Europe's development of state systems...

The Dead Hand

The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and its Dangerous Legacy

WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE The first full account of how the Cold War arms race finally came to...


This book is about how every age invented the idea of Europe in the mirror of its own identity:...

From Arab Nationalism to OPEC, second edition

Eisenhower, King Sa'ud, and the Making of U.S.-Saudi Relations


As OPEC approaches its 50th anniversary, the paperback edition of Nathan J. Citino's...

After Bush

The Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy


Analyzes the future of US foreign policy after George W. Bush, arguing for continuity.