Gambling. Chance and banking games

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Wiley (2006)

The world of betting is being transformed by internet betting exchanges, and there’s none bigger...

Slots Conquest

How to Beat the Slot Machines!

Triumph Books (2010)

Think all slot machines are the same? If so, that's why you're losing money. Slots Conquest will...

Cutting Edge Craps

Advanced Strategies for Serious Players

Triumph Books (2010)

Frank Scoblete and Dominator are two of the best dice rollers in the nation, and they're back to...

Triumph Books (2010)

The most comprehensive craps book ever written, this is the book that gives readers everything...

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Casino Comps

Make Your Next Gambling Trip a Little More Profitable!

DK Publishing (2007)

Always a Winner! Before you lay down a lot of money at the tables and machines in casinos, you...

ABC-CLIO (2009)

The International Encyclopedia of Gambling seeks to explain the gambling phenomenon through an...

Casino Conquest

Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games!

Triumph Books (2012)

Penned by a reputable authority on casinos, this guide provides the tools of the trade in order to...


Internet gambling is a rapidly growing phenomenon, which has profound social, psychological,...


Seit ein paar Jahrhunderten ist das Roulette der Inbegriff des klassischen Casinospiels, das als...

Gambling in America

An Encyclopedia of History, Issues, and Society

ABC-CLIO (2002)

Whether or not you believe that gambling is good for the economy, you cannot escape the fact that it...