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Armed Struggle: The History of the IRA

Armed Struggle

The History of the IRA

Pan Macmillan (2008)

The most comprehensive, most original and authoritative treatment of the IRA with a new conclusion...

How the Irish Saved Civilization

The perfect St. Patrick's Day gift, and a book in the best tradition of popular history -- the...

Irish History For Dummies
Wiley (2006)

A rip-roaring ride through the history of the Emerald Isle Ireland’s story is an amazingly...

Ireland In The 20th Century
Random House (2009)

Ireland's bestselling popular historian tells the story of contemporary Ireland - controversial,...

The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland

`This eagerly awaited book is an outstanding and right up-to-date summary of every excavation and...

The I.R.A. at War 1916-1923
OUP Oxford (2003)

What kind of people joined the I.R.A.? What was the Irish Revolution? Did Michael Collins order the...

In Search of Ancient Ireland: The Origins of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the English

In Search of Ancient Ireland

The Origins of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the English

Ivan R. Dee (2003)

The history, archaeology, and legends of ancient Ireland from 9000 B.C., when nomadic...

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture

An authoritative introduction to the historical, social and stylistic complexities of modern Irish...

Modern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2003)

Drawing on new research on the history of Ireland since 1800 this new look at modern Ireland...

The Making of Ireland: From Ancient Times to the Present

The Making of Ireland

From Ancient Times to the Present


The Making of Ireland by James Lydon provides an accessible history of Ireland from the earliest...