Individual authors, 1961-2000

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Twice Born: A Novel

This international bestseller is a sweeping portrait of motherhood, loss, and redemption in war-torn...

New Essays on Umberto Eco

An introduction to Eco's contributions to a wide range of academic disciplines, as well as to his...

Primo Levi's Universe: A Writer's Journey

Primo Levi's Universe

A Writer's Journey

Sam Magavern, Jonathan Rosen and 1 more...

Primo Levi is best known as a memoirist of Auschwitz, but he was also a scientist, fiction writer,...

The Selected Poetry and Prose of Vittorio Sereni: A Bilingual Edition

One of the most important Italian poets of the last century, Vittorio Sereni (1913–83) wrote with a...

Theme of Farewell and After-Poems: A Bilingual Edition

Milo De Angelis, born in 1951, is one of the most important living Italian poets. With this volume,...

The Legacy of Primo Levi

This collection represents some of the latest research on Primo Levi, the famous Auschwitz survivor...

Trilogy of Resistance

With Trilogy of Resistance, the political philosopher Antonio Negri extends his intervention in...

Dario Fo: Framing, Festival, and the Folkloric Imagination

Dario Fo

Framing, Festival, and the Folkloric Imagination


This study of the Italian Nobel playwright and master performer, Dario Fo, will be of interest to...

L’universo a dondolo: La scienza nell’opera di Gianni Rodari

L’universo a dondolo

La scienza nell’opera di Gianni Rodari


Il volume sarà diviso in due parti. La prima parte è un dizionario dei termini e dei concetti...

Body of State: A Nation Divided

Body of State

A Nation Divided

Body of State offers a critical perspective on the Moro Affair and on Marco Baliani’s work. With...