Interpretation and construction of law. Lacunae in law

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The Language of Statutes: Laws and Their Interpretation

The Language of Statutes

Laws and Their Interpretation


Pulling the rug out from debates about interpretation, The Language of Statutes joins together...

Why the Law Is So Perverse

Conundrums, puzzles, and perversities: these are Leo Katz’s stock-in-trade, and in Why the Law Is...

Purposive Interpretation in Law

This book presents a comprehensive theory of legal interpretation, by a leading judge and legal...

Justice and the Ethics of Legal Interpretation

Justice and the Ethics of Legal Interpretation addresses how it is that legal texts -laws, statutes...

Law and Objectivity

In modern times the idea of the objectivity of law has been undermined by skepticism about legal...

The Nature of Legislative Intent
OUP Oxford (2012)

The idea of legislative intent plays a central role in legal interpretation and constitutional...

Materials, Preparation, and Characterization in Thermoelectrics
CRC Press (2017)

This book includes updated theoretical considerations which provide an insight into avenues of...

Theory of Legal Principles

This book examines the distinction between principles and rules so that they can be better...

Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 9 (2002-2003)
BRILL (2004)

Practitioners and academics dealing with the Middle East can turn to the Yearbook of Islamic and...