Language acquisition

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Interfaces between Second Language Acquisition and Language Testing Research

The volume includes original papers addressing different aspects of the interface between second...

Introducing Second Language Acquisition

A clear and practical introduction to the key issues and concepts in second language acquisition...

Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition

Textbook designed to help the student achieve optimal success as a language learner and user.

How Children Learn Language

This engaging and accessible book explains the incredible mastery of language by young children.

First Language Acquisition

This edition of Eve Clark's highly successful textbook focuses on children's acquisition of a first...

Child Language Acquisition: Contrasting Theoretical Approaches

Child Language Acquisition

Contrasting Theoretical Approaches


An evidence-based review of the central issues in language acquisition research.

Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar

This authoritative 2003 textbook provides a linguistic perspective on second language acquisition.

Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition

A review of the literature on learning strategies, describing and classifying learning strategies in...

Child Language: Acquisition and Growth

Child Language

Acquisition and Growth


An accessible introduction to child language acquisition, exploring language development from birth.

The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language

This Handbook brings together the world's foremost researchers to provide a one-stop resource for...